The Neodymium Magnet Brittleness

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Although neodymium magnets are some of the strongest possible, they’re also very fragile. If two collide–even from a few inches away–they can break, chip, or shatter. To prevent this damage, it’s critical to handle neodymium magnets with care. With proper precautions taken, however, these impressive strength magnets can be used for an array of applications.

Let’s explore the reasons behind this brittleness and its potential impacts in more detail.

Why Neodymium Magnets Are Brittle

Neodymium magnets are brittle for two reasons.

The brittleness of Neodymium magnets is due to the way they are made. Rather than being solid chunks of metal, Neodymium magnets are made from powder that is compressed into blocks through a process called sintering.

Second, neodymium magnets are frequently very strong. However, the force of the magnets can cause them to break if mishandled- this includes dropping them, hitting them with another object, or exposing them to high heat. If a neodymium magnet is damaged, it may not work properly and could pose a safety hazard.

Is The Brittleness of Neodymium Magnet A Quality Problem?

Rest assured, the brittleness of these magnets is not indicative of a poor-quality product. This is simply a material characteristic that should be considered when handling them. While you may find surface chips on the magnet, this is normal and will not diminish the magnetic force or affect its intended use. With proper care, neodymium magnets can be safely used for many purposes.

What Dangers Are Its Brittleness Causes?

The neodymium magnet’s brittleness is something that needs to be kept in mind when using them. If not handled correctly, they can easily break or shatter. Not only does this cause damage to the magnet, but it also poses a safety hazard. 

Fingers and other body parts can easily be injured if they are caught between two magnets or if a magnet is dropped on them.

Eye injuries can also occur if a neodymium magnet is hit in the eye or if particles from a broken magnet get into the eye.

The Brittleness of Neodymium Magnets Can Lead to Production Waste?

Yes, neodymium magnets’ brittleness often makes them difficult to machine. Even when these magnets are ground and lapped to the appropriate dimensions, chipping, cracking, and fracture frequently occurs, resulting in production losses of 10% to 30%. This can lead to a potential consequence of magnet material waste.

How To Handle Neodymium Magnets Safely

With caution, neodymium magnets can be employed securely for various projects. A few reminders for handling neodymium magnets are listed below:

Use With Care

Neodymium magnets must always be handled with care. This means keeping them away from other objects, avoiding dropping them, and not exposing them to high temperatures. If a neodymium magnet is damaged, it may become unusable and pose a safety risk.

Keep neodymium magnets away from children

Like any other magnet, neodymium magnets should not be handled by children since they are small enough to swallow and can easily get injured if mishandled.

Be careful when separating neodymium magnets

Neodymium magnets have a powerful attraction for each other so it would require a lot of force to pull them apart if you tried to do it directly. It’s significant to know the right way of clamping the two together before trying to separate them.

  • Keep neodymium magnets away from other magnets at all times. Do Not allow the magnets to come into contact with any magnetic surface, as the force of attraction between them is very strong and could cause the magnets to break.
  • Be careful when separating neodymium magnets, as they may break if pulled apart forcefully. Make sure there is enough space between the magnets to avoid getting your fingers caught, and be careful not to drop them.

Slide one magnet off the top of the stack before starting to lift it carefully.
Do Not attempt to pull, lift or pry a magnet from the stack before sliding it first.
  • To separate magnets, do not use pliers or a hammer. Instead, try to pull them apart with your fingers. If the neodymium magnets are too strong, consider using non-magnetic
  • To keep neodymium magnets from coming into contact with other magnets, the supplier and manufacturer should carefully wrap and stack them. Bubble wrap or foam can be used as cushioning for the magnets to prevent breakage or damage. The magnets should also be packed in a sturdy box for extra protection against damage.


Though incredibly powerful, neodymium magnets are brittle and can break easily. It’s important to handle them with care to avoid any potential damage or injuries. With a little bit of knowledge about how fragile they are, you can safely use them for various purposes. Just remember that these types of magnets aren’t frail because of poor manufacturing; in fact, each one is made with quality in mind. Here at Manufacturer JdaMagnet, we not only provide high-quality products but also informed customer service so that our customer’s safety and well-being are always put first.

If you need neodymium magnets for your next project, turn to JdaMagnet. We use the latest technology and equipment to manufacture high-quality neodymium magnets. We understand the importance of safety and quality, and we take pride in providing our customers with the best products possible. Contact us today to learn more about our neodymium magnets and how we can help you meet your needs.


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