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What You Can Expect from JiaDa Magnet

Why Choose Us?

Custom Any Quantity

By in-house manufacturing, we  custom magnets & magnetic assemblies in any quantity.

Top-class Quality

Extensive quality checks to ensure each magnet is delivered to specifications on time.

Cost-effective Price

High-yield process controls and efficient equipment make us a cost-effective.

On-time Delivery

A capacity of 200 tons of magnets per month to guarantee on-time and quality delivery.

About Us

Manufacturing neodymium pot magnets, fishing magnets, rubber coated magnets has been our expertise since 1998.

We tailor magnetic components to your exact needs, matching perfect fit and function.

Extensive Quality Checks of Magnets

What sets us apart from our competitors is that every magnet is manufactured and inspected in-house which means our production schedule is 24/7 traceable.

Traceable Quality

Each stage of production occurs in-house, ensuring full traceability of our quality.

45 QC & Quality Assurance System

We employ a quality assurance system with 45 inspectors, guaranteeing that every magnet delivered meets our high standards.

Problem-solving Service

Accepting that issues may arise, we promise fast, focused resolutions, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to quality.

Certified Quality

JiaDa Magnet, ISO certified and RoHS/REACH compliant, guarantees customers superior quality and environmentally responsible magnet solutions.

Standards-Up, Standout Manufacturing

Magnet Manufacturer in China

High-yield process controls and advanced equipment make us a cost-effective supplier – maximized resources and steadfast quality.

25+ Years





Square Meters


Monthly Capacity


Sintering is essential for NdFeB magnets to achieve full magnetic properties. However, not all manufacturers have in-house sintering capabilities, setting us apart in ensuring the quality and optimal performance of our magnets.


With 800+ precise slicing machines and highly efficient multi-wire cutting equipment minimizing kerf losses, we demonstrate an operational efficiency that vastly outpaces the standard.


Possessing our own plating factory, a vital yet environmentally sensitive process where many factories falter, we ensure superior quality control and timely delivery—significantly enhancing our commitment to our customers.

Packaging & Shipping

Recognizing magnets’ weight and classified risk, we prioritize secure, magnetically shielded packaging to safeguard every shipment.

Our Warehouse, Your Backyard

Available stock allows for rapid prototyping, helping you move your projects forward faster and ensuring your products hit the market as quickly as possible.

Trusted by Thousands of Companies

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