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Specializing in partnerships with food, ceramic, and pharmaceutical sectors, our magnetic filter rods offer enhanced purity, safety, and production efficiency.

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Magnetic Products

Magnetic Filter Rods

Magnetic bars are versatile, available in various magnet qualities, sizes, and interface connections, all encased in a waterproof welded stainless steel housing with a smoothly polished surface.

Magnetic Filter Bars

Capture metallic particles in fluids, securing purity in manufacturing processes.

Magnetic Filter Tubes

To extract iron contaminants from product streams, enhancing processing efficiency.

Magnetic Filter Rods

Magnetic filter rods are used to remove ferrous contaminants from materials in processing lines, ensuring product purity.

Magnetic Boiler Filter Rod

Removes magnetic and non-magnetic debris in boilers, improving heating system longevity.

Magnetic Filter Block

Separates ferromagnetic impurities, vital for product quality in various industrial applications.

Magnetic Filter Separator

Cleanses materials of ferrous substances, crucial for maintaining processing equipment integrity.

Round Filter Round

Detains metal pollutants in circular filters, essential for safeguarding manufacturing quality.

Magnetic Bar Rod Separator

Intercepts metallic fragments in conveyors, critical for protecting machinery and final products.

Magnetic Filter Separator

Filters out magnetic particles, indispensable for contamination control in production lines.

Purchasing Guide

Main Parameters of Magnetic Bar

1. Dimension

Φ22, Φ25, Φ32
In diameters of 22mm, 25mm, 32mm and in lengths according to client needs (100mm – 2500mm).

2. End Faces

Plain End
Thread Rod
Taped Hole
Round Rod
Nail Head
Cusp Head
Ring Nuts

3. Max Temp.

N series – up to 80°C
M series – up to 100°C
H series – up to 120°C
SH series – up to 150°C
UH series – up to 180°C
EH series – up to 200°C
SmCo – up to 350°C

4.Tube Material

SUS304 & SUS316L
Meeting high hygiene standards, making it ideal for the food or pharmaceutical industries, with specialized finishing options available on request.

5. Max. Surface Gauss Value

The magnetic rod has its outer diameter and maximum surface magnetism clearly detailed in the provided table.

Dia(mm) 6000Gs 7000Gs 8000Gs 10000Gs 11000Gs 12000Gs 13000Gs 14000Gs 15000Gs

Relevant Magnetic Filtering Systems

Magnetic bars serve as fundamental components in various magnetic filtering systems, such as our magnetic grids, cleanflow magnets, and pressure line magnetic filters.

Magnetic Grid
Magnetic Plate
Magnetic Liquid Trap
Magnetic Drawer
Magnetic Filter
Magnetic Filter Trap
Magnetic Gate
Neodymium Magnet

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About JiaDa Magnet Co.

JiaDa Magnet Co., established in 1998, boasts over 20 years of experience in magnet manufacturing. Our commitment and expertise have shaped us into a reliable one-stop solution for all your magnet needs.

We offer not just products, but tailor-made magnetic solutions. Consider us as your trustworthy and high-quality magnet supplier in China.

Industry Applications

Magnetic filter rods are crucial across a spectrum of industries including food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and recycling, among others. Their role is pivotal in enhancing the purity and quality of products by efficiently removing magnetic contaminants.


Cocoa & chocolate
Dairy & milk powder
Grain, seeds, soya, rice & corn
Sauces, pastes & meat
Spices, herbs, coffee, tea & nuts
Starch & flour
Sugar, sweets & confectionary


Lithium battery powder
Cattle & animal feeds
Chemical and plastics
Coatings & industrial liquids
Paper, fibres and textiles


Ash & Slag
Plastic & rubber
Glass & ceramics

Extensive Quality Checks of Magnets

What sets us apart from our competitors is that every magnet is manufactured and inspected in-house which means our production schedule is 24/7 traceable.

Traceable Quality

Each stage of production occurs in-house, ensuring full traceability of our quality.

45 QC & Quality Assurance System

We employ a quality assurance system with 45 inspectors, guaranteeing that every magnet delivered meets our high standards.

Problem-solving Service

Accepting that issues may arise, we promise fast, focused resolutions, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to quality.

Certified Quality

JiaDa Magnet, ISO certified and RoHS/REACH compliant, guarantees customers superior quality and environmentally responsible magnet solutions.

Manufacturing Process

High-yield process controls and advanced equipment make us a cost-effective supplier – maximized resources and steadfast quality.

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Monthly Capacity

Neodymium Magnet Process

Sintering is essential for NdFeB magnets to achieve full magnetic properties. However, not all manufacturers have in-house sintering capabilities, setting us apart in ensuring the quality and optimal performance of our magnets.


With 800+ precise slicing machines and highly efficient multi-wire cutting equipment minimizing kerf losses, we demonstrate an operational efficiency that vastly outpaces the standard.

Packaging & Shipping

Recognizing magnets’ weight and classified risk, we prioritize secure, magnetically shielded packaging to safeguard every shipment.

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Available stock allows for rapid prototyping, helping you move your projects forward faster and ensuring your products hit the market as quickly as possible.

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